New Coronavirus survey

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 is a major social and economic challenge. In collaboration with several other research groups, Genes for Good is offering a new survey to help understand why some people get severe disease, whereas others get mild disease or no symptoms at all.


How Did You Sleep in 2016?

We’ve been working on some new ways to visualize your data and hope to release some new features for you over the next couple of months. Coming soon is a survey response browser, which will allow you to explore summaries of all questions asked in our surveys - more on that later. We’re also working on ways to make visualizations more useful.

Welcome to 2017!

As you know, we have a lot planned this year. Our biggest goals for 2017 include publishing our paper, improving ancestry and survey results in addition to the overall user experience, and genotyping an additional 5,000 participants.

2016 Year in Review + Happy Holidays!

As we say goodbye to 2016, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve accomplished together this year:

  • 10,556 new participants welcomed in 2016 (18,833 total)
  • 2,930 new samples genotyped (5,287 total)
  • Over 15 million individual survey responses collected

All in all, it’s been a fantastic year! To those who've spread the word among family, friends, and social groups, thank you for keeping us busy!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Genes for Good team!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone is warm, safe, and full of good spirit and food during the holiday weekend. This month, we are especially aware of how fortunate we are to have such an incredible Genes for Good turnout. In the past two weeks alone, almost 800 new participants joined the study, bringing us to over 17,000 participants total. As a result we’ve been very busy, but we definitely aren’t complaining - thank you, and welcome newcomers!

Mobile Users Rejoice!

This week we've launched a new experience for mobile users.

Behind the scenes the Genes for Good Desktop and Genes for Good Mobile were originally developed as separate apps. This week's change merges them together into a single, responsive app. This means that any features built and made available once should be automatically available on all devices!

New GFG Responsive Mobile Site - iPhone - Home Page

New Home Page and Simplified Eligibility Rules

Today marks a change in Spit Kit Eligibility rules along with a new home page to help make understanding them much easier.

Simplified Spit Kit Eligibility Rules

As participants join Genes For Good they consent to join the study, and the consent form explains the information we want participants to provide to be eligible for a free spit kit for genotyping. Until today this is what it took to become eligible:

Ancestry Results

Today marks a major step in Genes for Good: we began returning genetic data to participants. There’s clearly still more to do, but today we released ancestry information for 744 participants who joined Genes for Good and submitted a viable saliva sample. These participants were among the first to join our study. They contributed to genetic research and spread the word about Genes for Good. We’re delighted to have the privilege to work with their survey results and DNA, and to be able to give some information back to them.