For Researchers

Genes for Good is meant to be a highly collaborative research study. We strongly believe that collaboration moves science forward the fastest. We are eager to collaborate in several ways, and are actively developing data sharing policies that make Genes for Good an open research forum while protecting participant confidentiality.

From a research standpoint, genetic analysis is being done primarily to identify loci associated with any phenotypes we collect, which are predominantly disease-relevant phenotypes. Initially, DNA will be genotyped for nonsynonymous exomic variants as well as a panel of 250,000 common genome-wide markers. In the future, the samples collected may allow more detailed genetic analysis, up to and including whole genome sequencing. Because we are prospectively creating one large sample, we overcome many of the limitations of meta-analysis since we have access to raw genotype data. Not only do we have the ability to study many traits and diseases, but the flexible framework allows us — or other research groups — to add new assessments for future research questions. 

1. Data Sharing

Consistent with other genetic research studies, we will share de-identified genetic and health-related information with other researchers. We will make de-identified data directly available to qualified researchers from reputable institutions. Please contact us to handle requests, or for more information.

2. Existing Surveys

The existing surveys that are in use as of this writing are available here for download: Health History surveys, Health Tracking surveys. They are in Excel format.

3. Propose Questionnaires, Contribute to Genotyping

Genes for Good is not a stand-alone research study. We've designed it to be extensible, to flexibly accommodate new questionnaires, designs, and interactive tools. Whether it's a new questionnaire, a novel genetic analysis, or a wireless biometric sensor, we're interested. If you have a research question that Genes for Good could help you answer, then please do contact us for more information.