Should I participate

Who can participate?

To participate, you must be 18 years or older, live permanently or temporarily in the U.S. with a valid US mailing address, and have a Facebook account.

What are the benefits of this study for myself and others?

Some benefits of this study for participants include:

- Viewing your health history results and comparing it to others in the study.
- Monitoring your health with the Daily Tracking Surveys (for example, your physical activity or stress level)
- If you provide a saliva sample, you will receive information about your ancestry (currently broken down into 7 different regions) and you can download your raw genetic data.
- The satisfaction in knowing that you are contributing to genetic research about common and serious medical conditions and are assisting in research that will benefit future generations. 

How does Genes for Good keep my information secure?

The App is securely housed at the University of Michigan and we go to great lengths to keep participant information secure. Even though the App is available through Facebook, Facebook cannot see any participant information. Participant identifying information (name, email, address, and so on) is not directly linked to any of the health information they provide. Instead, it's stored in a separate location linked only by a random key.