We added new surveys

We're in the middle of some exciting analyses that require larger sample sizes than we have at the moment. If your schedule allows, please consider going through the surveys listed below. Your help is greatly appreciated! You can find the app at app.genesforgood.org.

Ovulation and Menstrual Health
Proposed by collaborator Dr. Mahalingaiah at Boston Medical Center, this survey is available for women only, and will ask about various aspects of women's health with a focus on PCOS-related outcomes. With such a strong presence of women in Genes for Good, we are poised to make some significant contributions in this area - let's do it together!

Women's Health
A similar survey to the one above that has a slightly different focus. We've incorporated your feedback for this survey as well!

Purpose in Life and Resilience
Proposed by collaborators at Emory, this survey will examine how you view your purpose in life and your resilience to life's hardships, and how differences in outlook might affect your health. 

Though not typically studied in the context of genetics, dreams have been linked to various mental health outcomes, and collaborators at Stanford would like to explore whether they can be an effective proxy (or substitute) for such outcomes.