Mobile Users Rejoice!

This week we've launched a new experience for mobile users.

Behind the scenes the Genes for Good Desktop and Genes for Good Mobile were originally developed as separate apps. This week's change merges them together into a single, responsive app. This means that any features built and made available once should be automatically available on all devices!

New GFG Responsive Mobile Site - iPhone - Home Page

Big things mobile users should now see that were previously only available on Genes for Good Desktop include the Your Progress view to track your spit kit eligibility, more Health History and Health Tracking Results, and a complete Your Genome section (for eligible users) with tools to download your raw genotype files.

New GFG Responsive Mobile Site - iPhone - Participants

There a few other usability improvements that also debuted with these changes, such as better navigation with browser back and forward buttons. We hope these changes help make using the Genes for Good app a more consistent and happy experience for all participants!

We'll continue to be tweaking the interface and adding features all the time, but if you experience any issues with these updates or the app in general please reach out to us!